Meet our Bridal Party

For our wedding party we have chosen the people nearest and dearest to us, they range from siblings, to cousins, to college roommates. Each of these people holds a special place in our heart and we couldn’t ask for better people to share this experience with.

  • Maid of Honor: Liz Miller

    Liz Miller

    Maid of Honor

    I first met Liz my freshman year of highschool in Geometry class. Over the 4 years, we were classmates, tennis partners, lunch buddies, late night chatter boxes, and rivals for Johnny Depp’s affection. Today she is my go-to-girl for deep conversations, shoot the breeze chats, work venting and occasional Yogurtland runs.

  • Bridesman: Casey Chung

    Casey Chung


    Even though 2.5 years separate us in age, Casey and I have always been close friends. Growing up we spent countless hours playing Legos, pretend and in our clubhouse boxes. As we got older (and Casey got taller) he started watching out for me like an older brother. I’m proud and thrilled to have him by my side on my big day.

  • Bridesmaid: Kary Lau

    Kary Lau


    Not only was Kary the leader of our “dress up” parties growing up, she has also been like my big sister. As my older cousin, I’ve turned to Kary when I need advice, girl talks, movie quotes and a good laugh. Now as roommates, I’ve gotten to learn more about her (and her husband, Ben) and what a great marriage looks like.

  • Best Man: Cal Cantrell

    Cal Cantrell

    Best Man

    I first knew Cal as the “no shirt guy” around Cal Poly. Going beyond his campus nickname, I got to see what a brilliant, passionate and funny man he truly is. Our friendship blossomed in Bible studies and long walks. Today, he acts as my “Yoda” sharing his wisdom on love and life.

  • Groomswoman: Spencer Moulden

    Spencer Moulden


    Spencer and I first met in the womb, where I beat her out of the gate. Growing up we shared a lot of things, from birthdays to cars, but sadly never twin powers. Over the years I’ve seen her experience so many different people and places. Now I love hearing and learning about all the stories she has to tell.

  • Groomsman: Tony Casado

    Tony Casado


    Despite not knowing Tony for long, it’s hard to imagine not having him around. As my roommate and friend, I look forward to his late-night interruptions as I’m trying to work. Tony watches out for me like a brother by indulging in my love for comic books, nerdy TV shows and my lack of cooking skills.